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Voice recordings in all languages. With voice-over professionals for audiovisuals or a large number of participants for voice recognition systems:

• Voices of all ages: kids, teens, adults, senior participants.
• Voices that interpret moods: happy, serious, sad, etc.
• Voices in all European and Asian languages






Games: apps, intelligent toys, interactive pets, online games.
Automobiles: apps, GPS, navigation systems.
Communications: apps, telephony, personal assistants, dictation, translators, agendas.
Health: apps, biometrics, compensation for sensory deficits.
Intelligent systems: intelligent classrooms, intelligent appliances.
Robotics: robot control.
Learning: apps, e-learning, educational games, augmented reality.

For multiple audiences:
Kids: intelligent toys, animations and pets.
Teens: interactive games, video games, intelligent classrooms.
Adults: GPS, audio guides, intelligent appliances, tutorials.



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