What do you need?

Recordings of words, expressions or phrases for a voice recognition system?
Professional voices for your app, audiovisual or game?

Voices for large voice data bases

Voces para bases de datos• Planning & organization of recording projects
• Massive participation of speakers, ordinary people
• Representative selection of the whole population

• Recordings of words, expressions and short phrases…
• Variations of emotional interpretations – moods
• By people of all ages
• In any language – only native speakers

• Variety of recording devices: microphone, mobile, app…
• In different environments
• Recording & postproduction with sound studio quality

Professional voices for audiovisuals

Voces locutores profesionales• Voice-overs for apps & interactive devices
• Commercial presentations – Brands
• Voice actors for online games & videos

• Voice talents for corporate videos & narrations
• Dubbing of films and trailers
• Performances for animations & cartoons
• Narration of audio books & audio guides

• Presentation of tutorials & e-learning
• Interactive operators - IVR
• Storytelling

Planning of multilingual projects

Child and adult voices, male and female, professional or casuals.

Do you need to install voices in toys or interactive games?
In devices with health apps?
In telephones, intelligent appliances or automobiles?

We work with developers and programmers to offer
new audible experiences with intelligent devices.

Voice recognition systems

Sistemas de reconocimiento de VozOrganization of multilingual recordings with native collaborators. Compilations of variants of a single word or phrase for voice recognition data bases. Multiple applications for devices based on voice interaction.

• Apps
• Online games
• Toys
• Intelligent pets
• Telephony
• Translators
• Health apps
• Intelligent appliances
• Robotics


Voces profesionalesVoice-over projects with native professionals in all languages: Presentations of products, characters, personalities, narrations, games and toys, intelligent pets, game and learning apps for kids and adults, etc.

• Dubbing
• Presentations
• Personalities
• Narrations
• Corporate spots
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
• Video games
• Apps
• Audio books
• Storytelling

European and Asian languages

Spanish, English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Dutch, Czech, Slovenian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Greek, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Korean, Thai, Cambodian, Indonesian, Farsi, etc.

Voice archives for applications, games and interactive systems that guarantee new experiences with intelligent devices.

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