1a-vox. The perfect solution for designers and manufacturers of devices and appliances based on voice interaction

Voices from ordinary people for data bases

Voice recordings for speech recognition systems
• planning & organization of recording projects
• massive participation of native speakers
• representative selection of the whole population

• recordings of words, expressions and short phrases
• with emotional undertones (normal, happy, sad, etc.)
• children & adults voices
• in many different languages – only native speakers

• variety of recording devices (microphone, cell, app)
• in different environments
• with sound studio quality

Voice artists recordings for audiovisuals

Professional voice-overs in any language
• voice-overs for apps & interactive devices
• characters for animation and cartoons
• voices for online & video games

• dubbing of commercials
• announcers for corporate videos
• product presentations - brands
• audio guide and audio book narration

• narration of tutorials & e-learning
• storytelling
• interactive operators – IVR (interactive voice response)


Global network of collaborators
Professional voice-over talents
Sound engineers

Voice recordings for interactive applications

Voice recognition systems

Sistemas de reconocimiento de voz• Recordings for digitalising natural language
• Variations of a single word or phrase for data bases
• Representative selection of voices of the whole population


Locuciones profesionales• Recordings for apps, brand and product presentations, e-learning and narrations
• Commercials, narrations, synchronisation and phone systems

We speak your language

Spanish, English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Dutch, Czech, Slovenian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Greek, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Korean, Thai, Cambodian, Indonesian, Farsi.

Production of recordings for

Automated Speech Recognizer
Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition
Text to Speech

Call Progress Analysis

Voice-based electronic signature
Voice tuner

Some fields and applications

Games: intelligent toys, online pets, online games, etc.
Automobiles: GPS, apps, cruise control, etc.
Communications: telephony, personal assistants, translators, agendas, etc.
Health: biometrics, meassurement of health values, etc.
Home Automation: intelligent appliances, etc.
Robotics: robot control
Electronic Engineering: artificial intelligence
Education: e-learning, educational games, augmented reality

Kids: intelligent games, animations and pets
Teens: interactive games, video games, intelligent classrooms
Adults: GPS, audio guides, intelligent appliances, tutorials
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