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Plaza Alexander Fleming, 8-4
E-07004 Palma de Mallorca
+ 34 971 754 069
+ 34 649 278 563

Kolbergerstr. 29
D-81679 München
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+ 49 17 28 10 55 54
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Katia Borrás


1a-vox is an international voice-over agency of the 1a-voices.com Group with branches in Munich and Palma de Mallorca.

• We provide solutions and services for developing and configuring audiovisual products based on voice interaction.

We record voices with sound-studio quality or in any type of setting in any language.

1a-vox is the ideal solution for companies and developers of voice recognition systems and linguists specialising in the digitalisation of natural language.

We have a global network of professional collaborators on our books, including native voice-over professionals and providers of recordings of all types of people for data bases: voices of male and female children and adults of all ages in indoor and outdoor settings.

In all European and the most important Asian languages and dialects. We work solely and exclusively with native speakers.

English, German, Spanish,  French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Dutch, Czech, Slovenian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Greek, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Korean, Thai, Cambodian, Indonesian,  Farsi.


Games: apps, intelligent toys, interactive pets, online games.
Automobiles: apps, GPS, navigation systems.
Communications: apps, telephony, personal assistants, dictation, translators, agendas.
Health: apps, biometrics, compensation for sensory deficits.
Intelligent systems: intelligent classrooms, intelligent appliances.
Robotics: robot control.
Learning: apps, e-learning, educational games, augmented reality.

For multiple audiences:
Kids: intelligent toys, animations and pets.
Teens: interactive games, video games, intelligent classrooms.
Adults: GPS, audio guides, intelligent appliances, tutorials.



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